Executive Summary

Heavy Onion, Inc. is a California corporation (“Heavy Onion” or “the Company”). The Company’s primary purpose is to develop and market a proprietary Point of Reception Technology that will provide a secure process for receiving goods at the point of delivery. Perishables, groceries, medicine, ecommerce and more.

Unattended Secure Delivery System — The PORT Secure System employs a delivery box for receiving goods ordered via the Internet, and transport boxes for delivery of goods requiring special handling during delivery. PORT has at least one inner bay for receiving a transport box containing delivered goods.

The delivery box has at least one secure door for access to the interior, and a second door for access in a pass-through fashion. In one embodiment, the delivery box is configured for through-wall mounting. The external secure door receives goods, and the internal door enables the customer/owner to retrieve goods.

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Heavy Onion Inc. is a Point of reception technology ~ your thoughts ?