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E-commerce is changing the world and way we shop, commute, live and thrive.
Now there is a way to receive those daily essentials in the home on your own time and terms.
You do not need to be present or make appointments to meet the delivery person for restaurant orders, groceries or e-commerce deliveries.
Collect perishables, or goods at your convenience and not that of the delivery firm.
The world will advance greatly by better distribution of foods, medicine, and micro order commodities. Through global licensing and IP franchise we are growing our business into the project you are about to view.

The need to receive things securely has been a cumbersome problem until now.
Would you like to save time, money and resources, run less errands, spend more quality time with loved ones?
Our PORT (Point of reception technology) – The online shopping innovative creation is what  you need. The Secure system and method’s specialty is in the area of Secure delivery via the internet


How it works

1. An order is made.
2. An encrypted key code is produced at the point of sale.
3. The order is picked up by the delivery firm, or vendors delivery person.
4. Order is delivered – wave the key near unit door, delivery is made. Cold case is put into customer’s unit.
5. The customer collects from unit when ready.

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Heavy Onion Inc. is a Point of reception technology ~ your thoughts ?